Jennifer Nemecek, Newport Premedical Consulting, LLC

Fall Preparation

This page refers to the tasks you need to complete between September - December of the year before you want to apply to medical school. 


If you are reading this page, then it is fall and you are planning to apply to medical school next June/July. This is an important year to gather the pieces of the application, fill any gaps, take the MCATs, and secure recommendations. You are aiming to submit by JULY 4th or earlier. 

As you begin the application cycle, remember to stay organized and stay on top of deadlines.

Meet with your Premed/Prehealth Advisor if you have one.  How competitive do you look at this point? Receive constructive feedback and implement the changes you need to be more competitive. Newport Premedical Consulting has many resources to support you in the application process even if you don't have a Premed/Prehealth Advisor. Contact us for an appointment. 

Do you (or you advisors) see any weakness that need attention before you apply? Some weaknesses can be addressed in a short amount of time while others need an action plan. 

Purchase the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) for $28 and review prerequisites for each medical school you would like to apply to. Take lots of notes. This is the base research that you will build upon in the coming months. At this point you are focusing on prerequisites but in the future you will use the MSAR to conduct a more comprehensive review of each medical school for your secondary essays and eventual interviews. 

Start an excel spreadsheet with all of your findings. This will be an important, living document throughout the application process. Newport can give you examples to get started. 

Is this the BEST time for you to apply? 

Is your application the strongest it could be? This is where a professional consultant will add value and give frank feedback. 

  • Did you take the MCAT already? Are you happy with the score? Do you need to retake it? 
  • If you are planning to take the MCATs, are you taking a test prep class? It's a wise investment. Many test prep companies offer scholarships so always ask. 
  • Check out Khan Academy for their free MCAT resources. The AAMC has many free resources as well. 
  • Start making a list of unique prerequisites at your target schools.   When will you fit these in?
  • Do you have 4-5 faculty who could write you STRONG letters or reference? If not, cultivate these relationships NOW.
  • Determine who will write your recommendations. You will give an info pack to each letter writer including submission directions, deadlines, resume, motivation for medical school and a copy of your essay. Send handwritten thank you letters to letter writers and keep them informed about your application progress. Recommendations are part of the secondary application so make sure they are ready by June 1. 
  • Determine how your school processes letters. See your Career Center/Prehealth Advisor for specific instructions. 
  • Sign up for AMCAS Twitter (@AAMCPreMed) and/or Facebook ( accounts to get application updates. Follow the NEWPORT blog for news, articles and tips. 
  • Request an official copy of your transcript. Review it for any mistakes and correct them ASAP.  

You are now ready to tackle the next phase of the application process.  Click here