I am often amazed and humbled when looking at LinkedIn or Facebook to see my former students serving in the military as flight physicians or chief residents at a leading hospital or as a renowned ophthalmologist. I remember their questions, their struggles, their decisions that shaped their career path.

They did it, not me. I just helped along the way to open up opportunities, write recommendations, read and edit their applications, strategize choices and give support. 

I'm just glad I was part of the journey!

WHY HIRE NEWPORT? Because you need an experienced, caring, detail-oriented, professional who will take the time to advise, edit and support you through the entire medical school application process. You may have high grades and top scores but if you cannot 'package' yourself to stand out to the medical schools, you will not realize your goal. Let me help you create an outstanding, compelling, authentic medical school application that accurately reflects your demonstrated motivation and qualifications to be a physician. With 27 years of university advising experience including 15 years as an Assistant Dean and 10 years as a premed advisor and dean, I have the skills and background to help.

CONSULTANT ROLE   The role of a premed consultant is a different role than an on-campus advisor. I have been an advisor so I would know. I am fee paying and therefore I am available to you for however long you want. Having said that, I will not waste your time. We will be very efficient with our meetings and we both will prepare before each meeting to get the most out of our time. Follow up emails are encouraged as well as ongoing discussions. My role is not to replace your physician mentors or on campus advisors. I have a different role. I am more of a comprehensive coach, cheerleader, brainstormer, editor, motivator and resource to you for the long haul. Often times, university advisors have heavy advising loads and do not have the time to devote to your numerous application questions and editing requests. This is especially true in the early summer when applications are due. I will be there for you for the long haul; even if you graduate from your undergraduate institution, transfer schools, take a gap year or attend graduate school I will stay with you. Many schools don't assist alumni so students are without an advisor for guidance. 

WHY HIRE A PREMED CONSULTANT WHEN YOU HAVE FREE ADVISING AT YOUR UNIVERSITY?  Honestly, it's a basic economic problem of supply and demand. People are stretched thin at universities and this goes for premed advisors as well. Too many students; too little time. I was fortunate enough to be in an office at Notre Dame where we had a balanced ratio of pre-health advisors to students. Many universities have excellent premed resources and you should use them! At other larger universities, you could wait weeks for an appointment to get very basic advice with little depth. How can you establish a mentoring relationship when it takes weeks to actually talk to someone? 

I know many of you hired college consultants to supplement your high school guidance counselor support. Many people hire tutors to supplement a class such as Chemistry, Japanese or Calculus so why not use the same logic and hire a premed consultant?  I believe that you should utilize EVERY free university resource available to you PLUS supplement with a consultant.

Education is an investment and you only get one crack at it so do it right the first time! 

NOW THAT WE HAVE ESTABLISHED WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE A PREMED CONSULTANT, HOW DO YOU GO ABOUT FINDING A QUALIFIED ONE?  Private premed/pre-health consultants is a new business model.  The best ones were former pre-health advisors like me or they are retired and do this on the side. The best ones specialize in only pre-health advising. It's a niche speciality. I have seen some consultants try to be the jack of all trades and assist with MBA, Law, Medicine and Graduate school applications and therefore stretch themselves too thin.  At this point, you are no longer a specialist and more of a generalist. When it comes to this comprehensive application, honestly go with a SPECIALIST!  There are many 'premed advising companies' that hire current medical students or doctors to help students through the application process. I think both populations could be helpful to you as mentors and colleagues, but their knowledge of the application process is either dated or skewed by their own lens going through the process.

Go with someone who is transparent in their advertising and delivery of services. Don't be fooled by expensive packages or people who nickel and dime you for every email. As you can see from my website, I am very transparent. My fees are stated. My background outlined. My resources available. I created this website, post on Twitter, Facebook and write in my blog so you can stay informed. I want you to have access to lots of information and resources. I want to be a resource for you. If you find the answer on my website, great! If you need more clarification, just ask. If you want to hire me, perfect. At any rate, I am on your side. I am your cheerleader, your mentor your sounding board. All of this information is free and open for you to use. Share it with others!

Be a Smart Consumer:  As with every industry, there are unethical players out there so be mindful. Be aware when companies promise you an acceptance to medical school or your money back or boast their 95 - 100% acceptance rate when the national average is only 39%. Many prescreen clients or only take students with certain scores. Statistics can be manipulated in many ways for marketing purposes so be an educated consumer. 

TEAM EFFORT  Applying to medical school is a team effort. It is your responsibility to assemble and coordinate a team of  supportive, knowledgeable people to help you build your application.  Your team may include friends, family, mentors, premed advisors, professionals, doctors, professors and consultants. Each person has a different role to play.  You need to first establish a relationship with each individual, then follow through to maintain each relationship.  Relationships take time to develop and nurture so be patient and start assembling this team right away as a freshman. As a consultant, I can help you assemble this team and I can play a significant and vital role in your success as an applicant.

IT'S ALL UP TO YOU   The bottom line is YOU and only YOU can get yourself into medical school. Yes we as consultants can do a massive makeover on your application but we are not magicians. Yes we all love to celebrate our success stories but sometimes things are out of our control. Your scores are not competitive. You might apply when the statistics show you should wait and complete a postbac or MS program first.  Your list was too ambitions. You might have all the 'right stuff'  to get in and you don't bother to apply until late September. Your procrastination or ego cost you your acceptance. 

You need someone who will be honest and give you valuable feedback on your candidacy and application. I'll be honest...I'm really honest. I'll tell you what I see and where you need to improve. This may be 'new' news to you or it may confirm what you already suspected. It's the feedback from an expert that you trust that matters in this process. Even my best clients can improve. You may realize an acceptance to a good state school early on but your application really has to shine if you want a chance at Harvard, for example. Together we can strategize how you can improve and make a timeline to achieve your goals. 

So let me be part of your team and help you celebrate your acceptances!

Time and dedication at the beginning of the application process prevents waste and delays at the end of the process.