Postbac, Graduate, GAP YEAR Programs

There are two different types of postbac programs to help you continue your studies after your BA/BS.  If you wake up and realize you want to be a doctor, those programs are called career changer programs. Sometimes you change your mind and that's ok! If you worked your little heart out and still did not achieve the science GPA that you need to be competitive you need a career enhancer or graduate program. 

  1. Career Changer programs are designed for people who lack all or most of the prerequisites for medical school and therefore need to take the sciences in order to sit the MCATs and apply. (Basically you had an epiphany and now want to be a doctor.) If you have taken too many science classes then you will be ineligible for these programs. Normal span is 12-18 months.

  2. Record Enhancer programs are for premeds who have taken all or almost all of the prerequisites for medical school but did not reach a strong enough GPA to be a competitive applicant. (Basically your science GPA is too low to apply.) You can either enroll in a degree seeking program in a science field such as Physiology or Biology, or enroll in a certificate program or you can create your own postbac program by enrolling as a non-degree seeking student at a 4-year school. Since you already earned your BA/BS do not take courses at a 2-year college. Select a 4-year institution. If the goal is to raise your science GPA, take science classes. An MPH (Master's in Public Health) will not raise your science GPA. An MPH is wonderful but again, you need science classes to raise your science GPA.

As you begin your research on postbac programs, first stop at the AAMC site for Postbaccalaureate Premedical Programs. Here you will find helpful articles and a link to a searchable database of programs.  

General Sites

Postbac Programs for Career Changers


Bryn Mawr College Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program. One of the oldest programs in the nation with a 98% acceptance rate to medical school. 

Cal State Fullerton

CSULA (Cal State University LA) Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program for Pre-Health Professionals has two postbac programs: career changers and record enhancers. 

Columbia University Postbac Premed Program

University of Michigan MEDPREP program offers an 8-14 month program for career changers. 


Science in the Evening program at the University of Maryland Office of Extended Studies

USC Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program

* Newport Premedical Consulting, LLC does not recommend or endorse any particular program listed above. Programs are listed as a point of resource. Students must conduct their own research to determine if a program fits their needs.