Who would benefit from Newport Premedical ConsultinG?

Newport Premedical Consulting, LLC can help anyone looking at a career in medicine: High school students, college students, graduate students, and career changers. Newport offers supportive student-centered advising and assistance to navigate the complicated application process to medical school.

Here are some possible topics of discussion but honestly, any topic can be discussed at any time.  The most important thing to remember is your best chance of getting into medical school is START PLANNING EARLY. 


Photo by themacx/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by themacx/iStock / Getty Images

High School Students headed to College

  • How to get the most out your undergraduate premed experience
  • Suggested timeline to take premed classes
  • How to best use AP or not?
  • Summer opportunity and study abroad discussion
  • How to get to know faculty, doctors and premed advisors
  • Learn about college scholarships for outstanding leadership qualifications
  • Developing faculty relationships that lead to recommendations
  • Developing research interests and seeking opportunities
  • Developing volunteer, research, leadership resume
  • Visit Newport's High School Resources page for specifics.

College Freshmen and Sophomores (Ideal time to build your application)

  • Tips on how and where to get help BEFORE you need it! 
  • Tips on building your team of professors, advisors, mentors and trusted friends
  • Get to know at least 2 faculty WELL each semester
  • Discuss how to develop a leadership portfolio
  • Discussion about research opportunities for all majors
  • Grounding interest in medicine through clinical and volunteer experiences. Don't tell me you want to be a doctor, show me. Remember Medicine is an evidence-based profession so show evidence of your motivation. We will discuss how to gain these experiences then reflect and write about them in applications.
  • Study abroad or not?
  • Defer or not?
  • Application Timeline discussion
  • Major choice discussion and suggested classes to diversify curriculum
  • Review prerequisite coursework depending on medical school selection
  • Visit Newport's Freshman and Sophomore pages for more specifics.
Photo by Lucian3D/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Lucian3D/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by vinnstock/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by vinnstock/iStock / Getty Images

Medical School Applicants  (Juniors, Seniors and Graduates)

  • Discussion about gathering the components, preparing the application, filling the gaps and addressing weaknesses
  • Discussion about Early Action, Early Decision or Regular Decision
  • Discussion about the writing components: essays, clinical experiences. Start drafts, seek peer opinions, visit Campus Writing Center.
  • Discussion about (realistic) list of medical school and researching prerequisites
  • Discuss DO, MD, Offshore options
  • Identify weaknesses early enough to do something about them
  • Discuss MCAT preparation and timing
  • Defer or not? Postbac or not?
  • Plan to submit in June/early July. Do not wait until September!
  • Take a GAP year or not?
  • Visit Newport's Junior and Senior Year page for more specifics.


Career Changers and Non-Traditional Applicants

  • Discussion about sequencing of courses, prerequisite  matches, expired coursework
  • Timeline discussion
  • MCAT old or new? Expired scores and retakes
  • Postbac and graduate school options
  • Packaging work experience, leadership, life experience in cohesive application to medical school

Medical School Reapplicants

  • How has your application significantly improved since you last applied?
  • Identify your weaknesses and how have you addressed them?
  • Identify improvements in application
  • Discussion about postbac programs, additional coursework, graduate programs, course retakes, MCAT retake
  • Timing: Have you left enough time BETWEEN applications to adequately address weaknesses. This discussion is essential to make sure your reapplication will be taken seriously the second time around. If this is your burning question, please contact Newport. We will provide you with a free consultation so you can evaluate your application options. Our main goal is to see you succeed no matter if you hire us or not. Good luck!