The following lists are great for showing you all the different places you can obtain volunteer and clnical experiences. Although some programs are specific to a certain location (LA, Chicago, NY), they may also give you ideas on what you could do in your own community. For example, USC may list Reins of Life for their local chapter but Reins of Life is a national organization so look up your local chapter. If USC lists a local camp for special needs children, look around your area for a similar camp.

Think outside the box when it comes to clincial and service opportunities. Be resourceful. If an opportunity does not exist, create an opportunity! Contact your home doctor for suggestions and opportunities. Clincial exposure can be found in the traditional places (hospital, clinic and doctor's office), but also look at senior living centers, camps, schools, pools and social service agencies. 

Think outside the box! Ideas for Service and Clinical this summer

  • Tutor someone in a subject you know well (language, math, science, English)

  • Work alongside a physical therapist helping an athlete recover from ACL surgery

  • Work alongside an occupational therapist helping someone recover from a stroke

  • Workout at the gym with someone recovering from bariatric surgery

  • Teach a salsa class or play chess at the senior center

  • Deliver meals for Meals on Wheels

  • Serve breakfast every Friday morning at local free breakfast program

  • Deliver art supplies to patients at the local hospital and work with the occupational therapist on fine motor skills recovery

  • Sign up for Best Buddies over the summer.

  • Sign up to teach swimming classes.

  • Be a camp counselor at a special needs camp or work at a camp for children battling chronic illness.

  • Shadow your hometown doctor (DO and MD)

  • Go abroad and work in a clinic or teach English

  • Define what you love to do, then find a way to share this love with someone else.

Last updated: Avril 13, 2019