Helpful University Resources

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University Prehealth Sites

InvestigAting other prehealth websites is helpful when conducting research. Here are some that are particularly insightful.


Johns Hopkins





Michigan State


University of Michigan/Ann Arbor Resources


Career Center Resources for Medical School Applicants

UM Career Tracks: Health

Career Center Pre-Health Resources

UM Health Systems Volunteer Information

UM Ann Arbor medical school application statistics (Lists how many UM students got into med school.)

Pre-health Academic Advising in Newnan/LSA

University of Michigan Medical School Requirements


Great University Sites Listing Volunteer Opportunities

Although the following sites may have resources that are specific to that location (LA, Chicago, NY), they also list national and international links that you are eligible for. These sites may also give you ideas on what you could do in your own community. For example, USC may list Reins of Life in their local area but Reins of Life is a national organization so look up your local chapter. If USC lists a local camp for special needs children, look around your area for a similar camp. These lists are great for showing you all the different places you can obtain volunteer and clnical experiences. 


UC Berkeley List of Free Clinics and Non-Profits in Bay Area

USC Dornside. Great List of volunteer sites in and around Los Angeles


OSF Health Care Internships in Peoria, IL


Wayne State University Health Science Center: Detroit Area Clinics