Summer between High School and COllegE


The following list will help you prepare for your meeting with your Academic Advisor In August or September of your FRESHMAN YEAR. 

Stand out from the pack.

Stand out from the pack.

1) Make a list of questions for your academic advisor

2) Determine how you will utilize AP credits

3) Review proposed semester courses including rough outline for completing premed classes over the next 6 semesters.

4) Ask questions about your proposed major(s)

5) Is your courseload as a first semester freshman too heavy or too light?

6) Ask what resources are available to help you succeed in your first semester and beyond (tutors, mentors, writing center, study groups, career center, premed advising).

7) Review Timeline for FRESHMAN YEAR so you are prepared for what's ahead. 

This is your first faculty/mentor/advisor relationship at school so build the foundation now. Return regularly for discussions. 

Review premed/pre-health, career center, and research websites at your university. Join listserves, blogs, Twitter and other social networking forums to assist you in learning about opportunities and resources on campus and beyond. Nothing takes the place of face to face conversations however, so don't rely on virtual counseling. 

Make an action plan of what you will do once you arrive on campus (refer to the page on FRESHMAN YEAR). Be active but not swamped during your first semester. Establish good study habits early, stay balanced and manage your stress level. Target two faculty during your first semester that you will get to know WELL and could ask for a recommendation in the future.