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Monday, September 23, 2019 DAY 1 - Planning Your PreMed Years

  • Study Abroad: Any PreMed Can Go Abroad and Why Med Schools Love to See It, Jennifer Nemecek

  • Gap Years: When to Take One and How to Make the Most of It, Renee Marinelli, MD

  • 6 Mistakes You're Making as a PreMed, Kevin Jubbal, MD

  • How to Know if Medicine is the Career for You, Tania Heller, MD

  • All About Research: From Getting into Your First Lab to Publishing Your First Manuscript, Abi, MS1

  • Becoming an EMT: From Initial Training to Responding to Your First Emergencies, Dan, MS3

  • Getting Your First Healthcare Job (When You Have Zero Healthcare Experience), McKenna Waller

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 DAY 2 - How to Succeed as a Student

  • PreMed Majors: A Deep Dive (Much Deeper than "You Can Be Any Major"), Jennifer Nemecek

  • Your PreMed GPA-- How to Calculate It and What Med Schools Expect, Lily, MS3

  • Lecture 101: The Proven Method to Get the Most from Course Lecture, Adam Nessim, MS3

  • The Simple Formula to Better Grades, Less Studying, and a Happier PreMed Life, Max Ruge, MS4

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 DAY 3 - The MCAT

  • MCAT Prep for Freshman & Sophomores: When and How to Begin, Sean Casey

  • The MCAT-- A Full Overview, Leah Fisch

  • The Definitive Guide of MCAT Study Resources, Ken Tao

  • Getting the Most from Full-Length MCAT Practice Exams, Kathryn Henshaw

  • The Power of Question-Based Learning for MCAT Prep, Yindra Puentes

  • Retaking the MCAT: When to Retake and How to Avoid the Same Mistakes, Sean Casey

Thursday, September 26, 2019 DAY 4 - The Med School Application

  • How to Write a Personal Statement So Good, They'll Have to Give You an Interview, Ryan Gray, MD

  • From Primary Application to Acceptance: A Full Overview of the Med School Application Process, Edward Lipsit, MD

  • Letters of Recommendation: Who and How to Ask, Ziggy Yoediono, MD

  • Crafting Your Med School List, Sara Bittman, MD

  • Interviewing for Success: From Traditional to MMI, Ryan Gray, MD