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This page refers to the tasks you need to do between September - December of the year BEFORE you want to apply to medical school. This is when you will make sure all the pieces of your application are in order, you are prepared to take the MCATS and you have your recommendations in line.


To DO LIST from September - December of the Year Before you WIll APply to MedicAL School


If you are reading this's the fall and you are planning to apply to medical school next summer. This is an important year to gather the pieces of the applicaiton, fill any gaps, take the MCATs, and secure recommendations. You are aiming to submit in JUNE of next year but no later than July. This is the ideal time to apply and will give you the best shot at getting accepted. When you are looking for any little detail that can will boost your application, it's timing. It's the 'free spin' of the application cycle. You can be a well qualified applicant but sit at the bottom of the pile because your application was submitted late. 

As you begin the application cycle, remember to stay organized and stay on top of deadlines.

Meet with Premed/Prehealth Advisor. Get feedback on how your are progressing with your coursework, activities and how competitive do you look at this point? Take constructive feedback and implement the changes you need to be more competitive. Newport Premedical Consulting, LLC has many resources to support you in the application process so refer back to our web pages and seek feedback from us. 

Do you (or you advisors) see any weakness or areas that need attention before you apply? Solicit honest feedback on weaknesses. Some weaknesses can be addressed in a short amount of time while others need or require you to wait another application cycle.  

Purchase the Medical School Admissions Requirements MSAR  for $28 and review prerequisites for each medical school you would like to apply to. Take lots of notes. This is the base research that you will build upon in the coming months. At this point you are looking at prerequisites but in the future you will be looking at courses, curriculum, cost, statistics, mission and school priorities.

Start an excel spreadsheet with all of your findings.

Start making lists of prerequisites that are unusual or you are missing. Make a plan when you will complete them. Many are matriculation requirements so you can squeeze them in senior year if necessary (Ex: second math class if required, additional english class, biochemistry, additional social science).

Is this the BEST time for you to apply? Is your application the strongest it could be? 

If  YES then consider the following:

1) Did you take the MCAT already? If not, when are you taking the MCAT? If you have already taken it, are you happy with the score? Do you need to retake? Are you taking a test prep class? It's a wise investment and one worth considering. They have scholarships as well so always ask.

Check out Khan Academy for their free MCAT resources. The AAMC has many free resources as well. Regardless of what you do, do something. This is a test you MUST study and review for.  Don't wing it and see what happens. 

2) Do you have +/- 5 faculty who could write you STRONG letters or reference? If not, cultivate these relationships NOW. 

3) Determine who will write your recommendations and how they will submit them. See Career Center and Prehealth advisor for details. Recommendations are part of the secondary application so make sure they are ready to go for June 1. 

4) Create information pack for each faculty writing you a reference including submission directions, deadlines, resume and motivation for medical schools/essay. Send handwritten thank you letters to faculty. Remember to keep them up to date on your application progress.

5) How does your application look? Seek honest feedback from your premed advisor, faculty, consultant, mentors. You may feel ready to apply, but they might see some weakness that needs to be addressed.

6) Continue your research on the application process through the AAMC resources and at your school. 

7) Sign up for AMCAS Twitter (@AAMCPreMed) and/or Facebook ( accounts to get updates. Follow the NEWPORT blog for news, articles and tips. 

8) Request an official copy of your transcript this fall. Review it for any mistakes and correct them ASAP. You will enter all coursework on your AMCAS using this official transcript starting in May. Unofficial ones may look slightly different than the original so work from the original.

9) If everything looks GREAT and your application is the STRONGEST it can be, then you are ready to apply. Please now go to the next page on your tasks from January - June of the application year. 

Your should become familiar with what a medical school class looks like by visiting medical school admissions websites and glancing at their class portfolio. Here is Albert Einstein College of Medicine's class facts from the class of 2021. Notice the average age, how many they interview and the percentage of non-science majors. 

Admissions Quick Facts

  • Admissions Quick Facts - Class of 2021
  • There were 7,679 applicants to the College
  • Approximately 1100 applicants were interviewed
  • The average age is 23.6
  • 32% are non-science majors
  • 36 students were born outside the United States
  • 77 colleges are represented
  • 5 international students