Junior & Senior Years


If you want to matriculate to medical school right after undergraduate with no delays, then you need to submit your application in JUNE between your junior and senior years. You will need to be on task during your junior year and make sure all of the parts of your application are in order and everything is strong.

If you want to take a gap year, then you need to apply in JUNE right after you graduate. You have a little more time to assemble your application and fill in any gaps or weaknesses in your application. 

 The average age of medical school matriculants in 2016 was 25 so don't worry about taking a year off. Honestly, it can only enhance your application in this competitive process. 

Jennifer Nemecek, Newport Premedical Consulting, LLC

In September, meet with Academic Advisor once again. Make sure your are on track.

Meet with Premed/Prehealth Advisor and check in. Get feedback on how your are progressing with your coursework, activities and how competitive do you look at this point? Do they see any weakness or areas that need attention? Discuss when is the best time to apply and review timeline. 

Review all required premed courses. Have you completed them? If not, what is your plan? Ex.: Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Biochemistry, English, do you have the correct number of labs, do you need any extra sciences because certain schools require them? Purchase MSAR to check. 

Decide when you will take the MCATs. NOTE: It is not a good idea to apply in July and take the MCATS, for the first time, in August.  It is ok to RETAKE them in August, however.  It is always a good idea to discuss your timing and all retake ideas with your advisor or consultant. They can help you identify the possible advantages and disadvantages of your plan. 

Investigate the application process and decide when you will apply: this summer or next summer. 

Investigate the AAMC Fee Assistance Program.

Apply EARLY...I can't stress this enough! Early is considered June/early July. Late is anytime after August 1.

Apply when you are most ready. Don't rush an application just to apply and see how it goes. Being a re-applicant is a tough uphill battle. 

Please refer to the Preparing to Apply - Applicant Resources tab and Preparing to Apply - Checklist for more details on the application.