It's May so it must be application time!

On May 2nd the 2019 AMCAS application opened. Are you prepared? If not, see Newport's tips and links. This newsletter includes the last minute to do list of what you need to be accomplishing during the last month before submitting your application plus links on financing your medical school application fees and beyond. Timing is very important in this process so please do not delay. Submit an early application to secure an early interview. 


May 1: TMDSAS Application opens

May 22019 AMCAS Application Opens

May 3: 2019 ACOMAS Application Opens

May 31: First day you can submit AMCAS

May 23: ADEA AADSAS Prep Day Live from 2– 6 pm ET

May 24: Dental School Chat Day from 2-6 pm ET

June 15: Osteopathic colleges start receiving and processing applications from ACOMAS

June 29: Allopathic colleges start receiving applications from AMCAS


Order OFFICIAL copies of ALL your college transcripts including summer school and study abroad. Check for errors and fix them immediately. 

Purchase the AAMC Medical School Admission Requirements  (MSAR) for $28 if you have not already. Make a preliminary list of medical schools. Aim for 25 schools then narrow down to 15 +/- after a more complete review. 

Sign up for AMCAS Twitter (@AAMCPreMed) and/or Facebook ( accounts to get application tips and updates. Join application webinars through AAMC.

Review the AAMC article How Medical Schools Review Applications.  

Secure Recommendation LettersContact faculty and secure letters by June 15. Aim for 4-5 letters including at least 2 from science faculty that have taught you in science classes.

The 2019 AMCAS application will open on May 2 but you cannot submit until May 31st. All verified files will be forwarded to the medical schools on June 29th. You will receive secondary applications after June 29th. 

AMCAS publishes daily updates on verification times on their website and through Twitter. In June, wait times are just a few days. If you wait until late July to submit, verification can take 4 weeks or more! AAMC will send the initial batch of verified applications to the medical schools starting June 30th +/- each year. From this date on, verified applications are sent as they are verified. AMCAS MUST have your transcript in order to verify your application. 

Print, proof and then submit your AMCAS application but only if your transcript is complete and accurate. This will include study abroad coursework from the spring semester, if applicable. If something will delay your transcript, determine how long the delay will be and work diligently to resolve the problem. Once you submit your transcript to AMCAS, all updates need to go directly to the medical schools. 

Once you have STARTED your AMCAS application, you can request your transcript be sent to AMCAS. You need to download the AMCAS Transcript Request Form from your AMCAS application and share this ID number with the registrar. This information is vital to AMCAS so they can accurately match your transcript with your file. 

If you are applying through TMDSAS, review the TMDSAS instructions carefully. Seven out of the 10 schools require secondary essays and they need to be submitted soon after you submit your primary.

The AAMC recently published a quick fact sheet for reference. It's called Applying to Medical School, 2017 AMCAS® Medical School Applications by the Numbers.

Financing Medical School Application and Beyond

Financing Medical School Application and Beyond




AMCAS for allopathic medical schools

AACOMAS for osteopathic medical schools

TMDSAS for Texas schools. Make sure you read the TMDSAS website for specific details on secondary essay submission. Seven out of the ten Texas schools require secondary essays and they are to be completed soon after the primary BUT you submit them to each individual school. (NOTE: Baylor is in AMCAS not TMDSAS.) See TMDSAS instructions or details. 

WICHE (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education) supports the Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) assisting 10 programs in 10 states in the west with exchange and tuition reduction for health professions schools. The medicine track supports Montana and Wyoming while the dental track supports Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota and Wyoming. 

WWAMI Regional Medical Education Program works with the University of Washington School of Medicine and students from Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.

OMSAS for Canadian schools