How many medical schools should I apply to?

Depending on your state, you might apply to between 14-20 schools. You need to apply to all of your state schools, plus private schools. Applying to more than 25 schools does not increase for chances of being admitted. 

What is the average MCAT for X school?

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What is the Easiest med school to get into? 

Honestly, there is no easy medical school to get into. Depending on your state residency, some medical schools could be easier for you to get into than others simply by virtue of what state you are from. The schools will list how many students were admitted in state vs out of state.

When you apply to medical school, you will two main GPAs: 1) cumulative science GPA, 2) cumulative non-science GPA. Schools will also see the breakdown of each year GPA including science and non-science GPA. This can significantly help you if your GPAs for your freshman and sophomore year are significantly lower than your junior and senior years. If the trend is upwards, this really helps you. If your GPA bounces around, this could be cause for concern. So although the cumulative numbers are important, what is more telling is the steady improvement 

What is the average GPA for medical school?