So you want to be a doctor....why?

You have 3 - 4 years to come up with an answer to this question and ground your desire through experiences and coursework. 

Create your own personal 3-5 year plan for getting to medical school. This may differ from your friends and that's ok. Map out prerequisites for medical school.

Gather a variety of activities and experiences...service, leadership, fun, research, study abroad...a keep a journal of all activities. 

Get to know 1-2 faculty each semester. You need +/- 5 recommendations by the time you apply. 

Visit the Career Center.

Review AAMC Core Competencies for Entering Medical School Students

Manage your stress. Be yourself. 


As you begin the application cycle, remember to stay organized and stay on top of deadlines. Purchase the MSAR and takes lots of notes.

Start an excel spreadsheet with all of your findings.

Start making lists of prerequisites that are unusual or you are missing. Make a plan of when you will complete them.

Order an OFFICIAL copy of all of your college transcript/s including universities when you took summer school. Check for any errors and rectify them immediately. Use this official copy to enter your coursework into the application.

Start writing drafts of the essay (so why do you want to be a doctor) and of the 15 experiences.  What types of activities are you still missing? Leadership? Clinical? Check Core Competencies to see if you have covered all areas. 

Make a list of medical schools. Aim for 25 then narrow down to 14 +/-. 

Get people to read your application and give feedback. Of course seek out friends and family members, but also look for someone who does not know you very well to get an objective opinion.  Ask for feedback to see how you are coming across on paper. Do think this is an accurate portrayal of you?  If not, then make some changes.  Contact Newport Premedical Consulting, LLC to give you an honest evaluation of your application. 

Contact faculty and secure letters by June 1.

Submit application by July 1 only if your transcript is complete and accurate. 

Complete all secondary applications by the time school starts in August.


As you apply to medical school, sign up for the MCATs and move through medical school, residency and practice, the AAMC will be with you through this entire journey. The AAMC stands for the Association of American Medical Colleges. The AAMC includes all allopathic (MD) schools. Osteopathic (DO) schools partner with the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine . All students who need to take the MCATS, will register with the AAMC.